Massage Therapy is a Great Alternative Medicine

Although the knowledge whether massage therapy is beneficial and if so, how does it affects and improve our health is still limited as scientists are still looking for solid proofs until now. However, this does not keep many people from enjoying the soothing effect of a good massage therapy. Most people are familiar with massage therapy as it is not only known as a great alternative and complementary medicine but are also popular as a good way to relax and relieve your body from stress.

Today, there are more than eight different types of massage therapy which everyone can enjoy all over the world. This is wonderful and amazing alternative medicine has been traced to date back for a thousand years which was first developed and introduced in Arabic nations, Japan, China, Greece and in Egypt. Later on, it has been passed all over the world for us to enjoy and benefit from it.

Although as mentioned above, there are no solid evidences on its benefit and how it helps our body to have a healthy system, still there have been researching studies that show that massage therapy at some point is effective as an alternative and complementary medicine. It has been known that it reduces and maintains blood pressure, heart rate, pain, mental depression, and trait anxiety.

Many patients who have been having consistent massage therapy told researchers that their body pain is either reduced or removed after a nice session with their massage therapist. There are also studies where cancer patients are made to undergo massage therapy sessions which resulted to satisfied patients who are happy because they enjoyed a good pain relief.

Although this might sound good to be true, it is still wise to consult with your doctor first before you have your massage therapy session as not all people can freely undergo a therapeutic massage. This is because there are cases that complications occurred due to some medical histories related to the patient. For this reason, most massage therapist requires their patients to pass their medical history records or a doctor’s medical certificate which allows the patient to pass this screening before they can get a schedule for a massage therapy session.

When searching for a good massage parlor and spa, never base only on the affordability of the type of service you are looking for. Check out the medical background of the therapist and make a good observation on how they render their service to their customers. A good massage therapist should have good coordination and communication with his or her patient. You will know if you are lucky with your massage therapist when he or she instructs you what to do and how to prepare for your massage therapy session. In case your therapist doesn’t tell you that you shouldn’t have a heavy meal before your session, think twice as you are not getting what you are paying for. A massage session with a full stomach is very unhealthy and uncomfortable which is something a massage therapist should know and tell to their patients.

How to Learn Massage Quickly and Easily at Home.

If you want to learn massage quickly and easily, it is simpler than you may think. Learning massage techniques at home will allow you to gather the skills necessary to treat family, friends and loved ones to an increased sense of well-being. You may even be able to start that small home-based business to earn some money.

Firstly you need to ensure that you have located a peaceful area at home which is quiet and restful where you will have no distractions. Once you have located this quiet, peaceful area where you can commence your treatment, and both you and the person receiving the massage are comfortable and relaxed, then the massage therapy can begin.

It is suggested in most massage practice to use a little massage oil on the hands to ensure smooth movements and strokes. The type of oil used depends on the desired benefit of the massage. Many oils promote a sense of calming and relaxation, while if the massage is to promote healing of an injury a more specific oil may be used to ease the muscle or affected body part. Apply the oil or lotion to your hands and then begin to work on the desired area.

The massage movements and strokes used will vary widely depending on the type of person and reason for the massage. Where there is a sports injury or specific muscle problem, the movements are firmer and will work on the specific target area. For babies and children, the movements will be much softer perhaps using only light touch with the fingertips. A relaxing massage will consist of movements with medium to light pressure with calming strokes and techniques and can cover the entire body.

As new techniques and therapies emerge to benefit people in many different ways the popularity of massage and the many benefits it can bring ensures that this popularity will increase worldwide.

Knowing how to massage will offer you countless benefits to both you and all of your family and friends.


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